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Career Aspirations of Lee County STEM Students

November 2, 2018

On September 26 and 27, more than 400 STEM students from Lee County High Schools, selected from 2200 of their peers, attended a Lee STEM at Work Project at Alico Family Golf Center in Fort Myers. The event was hosted by the Foundation for Lee County Public schools and the Adult and Career Education Division of Lee County schools. As an instructor of the Alico Golf Academy and founder of the National Center for Career Life Planning, I was asked to speak about career exploration. More than 140 students attended my sessions . I asked them about their occupational daydreams and 110 occupations were submitted, 45 of which were duplicates. A list of selected occupations is included below. It is interesting to note that slightly more students aspired to a career in the healthcare field than STEM related occupations. During my session, I introduced the students to the science of career life planning and exploration by having them play a game which translated to John Hollands Theory of Occupational Choice based on the premise that expressions of personality are valid predictors of occupational choice. They would develop a three letter Holland Occupational Code (HOC) form the game, then be able to explore various occupations based on the code which capitalizes on their personality, skills and interests. They could explore online in the Chronicle Career Library arranged by Holland Code, select an occupation based on the code, and copy that O*Net code online to explore their occupational choice or choices that would be more in line with their personality, skills and interests.



Occupational Daydreams of selected students.


Majority of responses included Health Care related fields such as:

Doctor, Dentist, Nurse, Veterinary, Anesthesiologist, Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist


Many responses also included STEM related fields such as:

Varies Engineers such as Bio-mechanical and Robotics; Genetic Scientist; Forensic Scientist; Meteorologist; Automotive Designer; Architect


Additional fields included in remaining occupations:

Film Producer; Screen Writer; Film Director; Chef; Cosmetologist; Tattoo Artist; Welder; TV News Anchor




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