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December 3, 2019

            Las resoluciones, las metas que nos ponemos a cumplir en un determinado tiempo, son algunas veces difíciles de mantener. Nos emocionamos ante la idea de una segunda oportunidad para mejorar nuestras vidas y varias veces la dejamos escapar. El principio de cada año trae consigo ilusión y optimismo por un año venidero más fructífero y complaciente. Este es el momento perfecto para reflejar sobre nuestro comportamiento del año pasado y prometernos hacer cambios positivos en nuestras vidas.


November 2, 2018

On September 26 and 27, more than 400 STEM students from Lee County High Schools, selected from 2200 of their peers, attended a Lee STEM at Work Project at Alico Family Golf Center in Fort Myers. The event was hosted by the Foundation for Lee County Public schools and the Adult and Career Education Division of Lee County schools. As an instructor of the Alico Golf Academy and founder of the National Center for Career Life Planning, I was asked to speak about career exploration. More than 140 students attended my sessions . I asked them about their occupationa...

October 1, 2018

If you're human you probably have a fear of public speaking. As simple as that. I can say from personal experience that it can be pretty nerve-racking when you have dozens if not hundreds of eyes upon you. However, I have news for you: public speaking is a part of life and it is a skill you must hone. From speaking in front of your bosses to making a toast at someone's wedding, there is no way to escape it. Here I will provide you with some tips on how to improve your public speaking and knock it out of the park. I will provide you with personal real-life exa...

September 26, 2018

Florida is a beautiful state with a nice warm climate and abundant protected wilderness areas. Little do people know that its weather and natural landscape is welcoming to invasive species. Invasive species are any species of plant or animal that are not naturally occurring in the habitat in which they have taken over. They are destructive to native plants and animals by competing for food or preying upon them. Here we'll discuss some of the more problematic invasive species and provide you safety tips on how to deal with them. 

Perhaps the most feared invasiv...

September 21, 2018

Here at A&R Teaching and Language Center we do the best we can to help our students learn. Learning is a TEAM effort and the players are the instructors and the students. In this blog we're going to give you some tips to help you be a better student.

1. Do your homework: if a teacher assigns you homework it is to your benefit to work through it. Homework enforces what you have learned for the day and will help you retain the information better. Also, there are times when homework can help you for future lessons, such as reading ahead in a chapter. All in all d...

September 18, 2018

The United States is a melting pot and a country composed of immigrants from all over the world. Unlike other countries that have a homogenous population, the US is a special place with a very mixed population. This is the reason why making the official language of our country English is such a hot debate. Here are some reasons we should and shouldn't take the step to officially recognize English as the language for the red, white and blue. 

Reasons for making English the official language:

1. All of our founding documents are in English. From the Constitution...

September 11, 2018

We live in a world with many different cultures and languages. If you step up to the challenge and learn a second language you will open up a world of opportunities for yourself. Here are some reasons why you should start on your language learning journey:

1. More job opportunities

One of the BEST things you can do to help you stand out in your resume is stating that you know more than one language. From personal experience, upon telling prospective employers about my second language abilities they looked at me as more valuable to their business. At one of my p...

La importancia de la persistencia cuando se esta aprendiendo una nueva lengua:

Durante nuestras vidas emprendemos nuevas metas y continuamente nos detenemos cuando encontramos obstáculos para lograr nuestros objetivos. Muchas personas no se dan por vencidas a pesar de continuas derrotas.

Un ejemplo de empeño y perseverancia es Theodore Geisel, tambien conocido como Dr. Seuss.

Giesel, fué un escritor estadounideue fueran rechazados infinidad de veces. Publicó más de 60 libros lo cuales fueron traducidos a diferentes idiomas. Su sueño de publicar sus libros lo hiz...

September 4, 2018

Are you looking for ways to help you learn the language faster? Here are five tips that can help you get there faster! The key is immersion. You want to immerse yourself in the language and you want to think in the language. Let's jump right into it assuming you want to learn Spanish.

1. Make Spanish friends!

Here in South West Florida we have an abundant Spanish speaking population. Latin Americans have a zest for life and enjoy activities such as dancing, sports (futbol), and food. Use this to your advantage by making friends or "amigos." From personal experi...

August 15, 2017

Before we even met, we had the desire within us. Finally, the day came and we hit the ground running with our business plan. How could we help our community with our passion for languages and tutoring? A&R Teaching and Language Center was born.

Adriana’s specialty would be used in providing students with English, Spanish and Citizenship classes. Adriana has complete knowledge of both languages and cannot only help people seeking to learn Spanish, but also English. We realized our diverse community had a large population of Latin Americans.

Rebecca on the other...

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